Adam and Eve (1932)



As in Cross-Garteríd and Lysistrata, Tudorís talents were demonstrated in the way he portrayed his characters and in the consciously heightened and amusing manner of his treatment of small groups of dancers onstage. Tudorís developing ideas of choreography were based on ballet technique, but with a peppering of dramatic accents and gestures. The scenario approximately follows the biblical story, with the important difference that a final reconciliation scene of all the characters in the ballet was added.

Antony Tudor
Music / Composer
Constant Lambert
Suite Dancee
Professional Premiere
London - Adelphi Theatre
December 4,1932
Cast - Premiere
Adam: Anton Dolin; Eve: Prudence Hyman; The Serpent: Antony Tudor; The Angel: Natasha Gregorova; Seraphim: Ciceley Grave and Felicity Andreae; Fowls of the Air: Peggy van Praagh, Susette Morfield, Christine Rosslyn, Molly Brown
Number of Dancers
8 Women 2 Men
Average Length
Costumes / Scenery
John Banting
Licensing Information

Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from
The Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.



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