The Decent of Hebe (1935)


Decent of Hebe

L-R - Elizabeth Schooling, Hugh Laing, Maude Lloyd
Photo: Benois - 1935; Photo Courtesy of Judith Chasin-Bennahum


The program reads: "1. Prelude: Hebe, while serving the Gods, trips and spills a cup of precious nectar. Overcome with shame she attempts to steal away, hoping that her carelessness may have passed unnoticed. But Mercury , arrives with a message from Jupiter which banishes her to Earth as punishment for her fault. II. (Dirge). Night, with her horsed chariot, awaits Mercury’s signal to leave for Earth. He arrives, followed by Hebe, whom he presents to Night with the injunction that she be taken to Earth. Hebe, however, refuses to enter the chariot. Thereupon, Night conjures up a vision of Hercules whom Hebe will meet on Earth. Hebe is captivated and, now as eager to depart as formerly she was reluctant to leave, leaps into the chariot. III. (Pastoral). Hebe arrives on Earth; she dances with children when she encounters Hercules who woos her. IV. Fugue, Apotheosis."

Antony Tudor
Music / Composer
Ernest Bloch
Concerto Grosso
Antony Tudor
First Performance
London - Mercury Theatre
April 7, 1935, Ballet Club
Original Cast
Hebe: Pearl Argyle; Mecury: Hugh Laing; Night: Maude Lloyd; Hercules: Antony Tudor; Attendants on Jupiter: Susette Morfield, Ann Gee, Norah Whitworth; Attendants on Night: Tamara Svetlova, Joan Lendrum, Cecily Robinson; Children (later dropped from the production): Bridget Kelly, Bitten Nissen, Cyril Hay, Paul Forbes
Number of Dancers
Costumes / Scenery
Licensing Information

 Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from
The Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.



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