Gala Performance (1938)


Gala Performance

Nana Gollner and Antony Tudor (NYPL) 1941. No photo credit
Photo courtesy of Judith Chasin-Bennahum


The ballet takes place in a large theatre during the 1800s. The opening scene is backstage where members of a ballet company, complete with ballet master, conductor and wardrobe personnel, are in the throes of last minute preparation for a Gala Performance with three very distinguished guests – La Reine de la Danse (from Moscow), La Deesse de la Danse (from Milan) and La Fille de Terpsichore (from Paris). Individually, the guest artistes arrive and their hosts (and the audience!) instantly assess their personalities. In the performance which follows, each guest appears and the Gala concludes on a high note as the “stars” attempt to steal the limelight from each other during their curtain calls.

Antony Tudor
Music / Composer
Serge Prokofiev
1st movement of Piano Concerto #3 and Classical Symphony
First Performance
Toynbee Hall Theatre
December 5,1938
London Ballet
First Cast Performance
Peggy van Praagh, Maude Lloyd, Gerd Larson, Antony Tudor, Guy Massey, Hugh Laing, Monica Boam, Rosa Vernon, Sylvia Hayden, Charlotte Bidmead, Susan Reeves, Katherine Legris, Terese Langfield
Set / Costumes (London)
Hugh Stevenson
First US Premiere
New York - Majestic Theatre
February 11, 1941
Ballet Theatre
First US Performance Cast
Nora Kaye, Nana Gollner, Karen Conrad, Hugh Laing, Edward Caton, Tania Dokoudovska, Antony Tudor
Scenery / Costumes (US)
Nicolas de Molas
First Canadian Performance
Ottawa, Ontario
Capital Theatre
November 18, 1953
Scenery / Costumes (Canada)
Kay Ambrose
1988 by Leslie Rotman
Number of Dancers
3+10 Women, 3+4 Men
Average Length
25 Minutes
ABT; Kansas City Ballet; Australian Ballet
ABT; Kansas City Ballet; Australian Ballet
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Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from
The Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.



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