Galant Assembly (1937)


Galant Assembly

Dance Theatre at Oxford, 1937
Charlotte Bidmead, Hugh Stevenson, Agnes de Mille,
Peggy van Praagh Antony Tudor and Victoria Fenn.; Angus McBean
Photograph Copyright ©: Harvard Theatre Collection; Courtesy of Judith Chasin-Bennahum.


Gallant Assembly was a beautifully produced eighteenth-century Gallic romp. Alive with a colorful setting and bouffant costumes borrowed from the eighteenth-century costume designer Boquet at the Paris Opera, the action focuses on the illicit skirmishes of bored aristocrats seeking scandalous diversions. Four ladies, two gentlemen, and two hired performers mince their steps in this comedy of manners.

The setting for Gallant Assembly is a rather solemn formal garden.

According to Lionel Bradley, "there is no conclusive story, it all seems to resolve into the pursuit of woman by man and vice-versa. There did seem to be a fascinating central figure, however, that of an older woman"

Antony Tudor
Music / Composer
Giuseppe Tartini
Cello Concerto in D
First Performance
Oxford - The Playhouse
June 14, 1937
Oxford Dance Theatre
First Cast Performance
Aristocrats in Love: Agnes de Mille, Peggy van Praagh, Victoria Fenn, Charlotte Bidmead, Antony Tudor, Hugh Stevenson, Margaret Braithwaite, Hugh Laing
Costumes / Scenery
Hugh Stevenson
1976 by Murial Topaz
Number of Dancers
Average Length
Costumes / Scenery
Licensing Information

 Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from
The Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.



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