Knight Errant (1968)



Knight Errant was based mostly on one episode in the Choderlos de Laclos novel Les Liasons Dangereuses, “Letter 79”, that of Prévan (not Valmont) and the “celebrated and salacious affair which separated ‘the inseparables.’” The letter describes a typical eighteenth-century scientific, rather detached approach to lovemaking and its consequences among acquaintances. To this Tudor added an epilogue based on Prévan’s discomfiture (“Letter 85”) by the Marquise de Merteuil. The Woman of Consequence is inspired in part by a mixture of the Marquise and the beautiful foreign mistress whom Prévan deliberately quarreled with in order to have twenty-four hours to devote to the undoing of the “inseparables.”

Antony Tudor
Music / Composer
Richard Strauss
Incidental music to Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, and prelude to Ariadne auf Naxos
Antony Tudor
After Ladas' book, Les Liaisons Dangereuses
First Performance
Manchester Opera House
November 25, 1968
Royal Ballet Touring Company
Stefanos Lazaridis
Cast First Performance
Hendrik Dael, Caroline Southam, Alfreda Thorogood, Margaret Barbieri, Elizabeth Anderton, Spencer Parker, Michael ingleton, Peer Fairweather, Victor Kravchenko, Yvonne Saunders, Vicki Karra, Susan Lawe, Kathleen Denley, Brigid Skemp, Adrian Grater, David Gordon, Kerrison Cooke, Terence Hyde, Christopher Carr, Michael Bears, Alan Hooper, Nicholas Johnson, Brian Bertscher
Number of Dancers
Average Length
Costumes / Scenery
Licensing Information

Ballet Synopsis excerpted with permission from
The Ballets of Antony Tudor by Judith Chazin-Bennahum.



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